Interaction between Defects and Anelastic Phenomena in Solids

Volume 137

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: C.L. Matteo, O.A. Lambri, G.I. Zelada-Lambri, P.A. Sorichetti, Jose Angel García

Abstract: In this work we present a novel procedure, involving linear viscoelastic analysis, to discriminate the two possible contributions of the...

Authors: Igor S. Golovin, Tatiana V. Ivleva, S. Jäger, P. Jencus, Hartmut Neuhäuser, S.A.T. Redfern, C. Siemers

Abstract: Several ternary Fe – Ge - C alloys with Ge contents ranging between 3 and 27 at. % have been studied. The structure, anelastic,...

Authors: Igor S. Golovin, S. Jäger, V.A. Semin, G.V. Serzhantova, H.R. Sinning, Olga A. Sokolova, F. Stein, S.A. Golovin

Abstract: Carbon-containing Fe - Si and Fe - Si - Al alloys were studied with respect to the carbonrelated Snoek-type and Zener relaxation using...

Authors: Fernando González, Daniel Ruiz, Yvan Houbaert

Abstract: Research performed at Ghent University, regarding new production methods for electrical steel, has shown that high silicon steel suffers an...

Authors: O.A. Lambri, José Ignacio Pérez-Landazábal, G.J. Cuello, J.A. Cano, Vicente Recarte, Igor S. Golovin

Abstract: Mechanical spectroscopy and neutron diffraction studies were performed on several samples with compositions Fe - 25 at. % (Al + Si) and Fe...

Authors: Igor S. Golovin, Andre Rivière

Abstract: Fe3Al intermetallic compounds and several (Fe,Cr)3Al alloys with Cr content from 3 to 25 % have been studied using isothermal mechanical...

Authors: I.B. Chudakov, Nataly A. Polyakova, S.Yu. Mackushev, V.A. Udovenko

Abstract: High damping Fe - Cr and Fe - Al alloys have been studied in two different states: in the high damping state and in the suppressed damping...

Authors: V.A. Udovenko, I.B. Chudakov, N.M. Alexandrova, R.V. Kakabadze, N.N. Perevalov

Abstract: Industrial high damping steels based on the Fe - Al metallic system have been studied. The optimization of the crystalline structure of the...

Authors: Agnieszka Mielczarek, Werner Riehemann, Olga A. Sokolova, Igor S. Golovin

Abstract: The influence of heat treatment on the amplitude dependence of internal friction in Fe - 11 at. % Al alloys with carbon contents in the...

Authors: Agnieszka Mielczarek, Marcin Marczyk, Werner Riehemann

Abstract: The influence of thermal cycling between - 196 °C and 200 °C and equivalent heat treatment at 200 °C on the amplitude dependence of...


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