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Authors: L. Kubičár, V. Vretenár, V. Boháč
Abstract:The present paper deals with the application of the transient techniques for thermophysical analysis of the structural changes in materials....
Authors: Steve C. Hansen, D. Kobertz
Abstract:Numerous solid-state transformations occur in metal iodides. These transformations can be classified into three categories: polymorphic...
Authors: Toru Miyazaki
Abstract:A new characterization method, "Macroscopic Composition Gradient (MCG) Method" is proposed to investigate the phase transformations near the...
Authors: Ivana Stulíková, Bohumil Smola
Abstract:The response of the relative resistivity changes to the isochronal annealing was measured in MgSc, MgScMn and MgYNdScMn alloys. The...
Authors: Pavel Novák, Dalibor Vojtěch, Vítězslav Knotek, Jan Šerák, Thomáš Fabián
Abstract:Hydrogen is suggested as a promising fuel of the near future for the utilization in automotive and mobile applications. Therefore, safe and...
Authors: Jiří Čermák, Lubomir Král, B. David, Ivo Stloukal
Abstract:Kinetics of hydrogen desorption from Mg2NiH4 was studied. Experimental material was prepared by two techniques – by melting and casting and...
Authors: Yuriy S. Nechaev
Abstract:Specific phase transitions to the compound-like impurity nanosegregation structures at dislocations and grain boundaries in metals and their...
Authors: V.B. Vykhodets, Tatiana Eugenievna Kurennykh, Aleksandr S. Lakhtin, Anatoly Yakovlevich Fishman
Abstract:The mechanisms of formation of activated states upon diffusion of impurity interstitial atoms in metals have been identified, which allows...
Authors: Vladimir V. Popov
Abstract:The possibilities of Fisher’s model development and generalization are considered, as this model in its classical form contradicts some...
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