Solid Phase Transformations

Volume 138

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dalibor Vojtěch, Alena Michalcová, Pavel Novák

Abstract: Aluminium-chromium based alloys are promising candidates for manufacture of light components exposed to elevated temperatures. The work...

Authors: Vasil I. Dybkov

Abstract: The Ni3Sn4 intermetallic layer occurs at the interface of nickel and the saturated or undersaturated Sn-base solder melt at 250-450 °C and...

Authors: Boris B. Khina, Boleslaw Formanek

Abstract: The analysis of physicochemical mechanism of the influence of mechanical activation (MA) of a charge mixture on the subsequent...

Authors: Joanna Wojewoda

Abstract: Paper describes solid state phenomena occurring during the formation of interconnections intended to the electronic industry. Diffusion...

Authors: Lembit A. Kommel, Eduard Kimmari

Abstract: Lightweight B4C/Al composites were produced from powders of boron carbide and aluminum by self-propagating high-temperature synthesis...

Authors: Vasil I. Dybkov, L.V. Goncharuk, V.G. Khoruzha, K.A. Meleshevich, A.V. Samelyuk, V.R. Sidorko

Abstract: Two boride layers were found to form at the interface of iiron-chromiium alllloys (10 and 25% Cr) or an industrial 13% Cr steel and boron...

Authors: Vladimír Číhal, Marie Blahetová, Zdenka Krhutová, Stanislav Lasek, E. Kalabisová

Abstract: Three types of corrosion attack frequently suffered by type Cr18Ni10 stainless steel in the heat-affected zone of welds were studied –...

Authors: Lenka Řeháčková, Jaroslav Kalousek, Jana Dobrovská, Zdenek Dostál, Karel Stránský

Abstract: The paper presents original methodology for assessment of heterogeneity of welded joint by measurement of concentration profiles of...

Authors: Jana Dobrovská, Simona Dočekalová, Věra Dobrovská, Karel Stránský

Abstract: The paper deals with the effect of cooling rate on solidification behavior of IN 738LC nickel based superalloy and on resulting structural...

Authors: K. Masuda-Jindo, Vu Van Hung, P.E.A. Turchi

Abstract: The thermodynamic properties and phase transformations of metals and alloys are studied using the statistical moment method, going beyond...


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