Solid Phase Transformations

Volume 138

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A.L. Udovsky

Abstract: The Review. The presented results got by author in the field of analytical and computing thermodynamics of the binary systems for the last...

Authors: Taras M. Radchenko, Valentin A. Tatarenko, Helena Zapolsky

Abstract: Using the self-consistent field approximation, the static concentration waves approach and the Onsager-type kinetics equations, the...

Authors: S.M. Bokoch, Valentin A. Tatarenko

Abstract: Using both the statistical-thermodynamics methods within the scope of the selfconsistent field approximation and the diffraction data on...

Authors: Miroslav Miller, Aleksandra Matraszek

Abstract: The vaporization of samples in the SrO-CeO2 system was investigated by the use of Knudsen effusion mass spectrometry in the temperature...

Authors: M.M. Asadov, K.M. Akhmedly

Abstract: A computational method has been proposed for calculating the correct interaction parameters from experimental phase diagrams, despite...

Authors: Pavel Lejček

Abstract: The compensation effect, i.e. the linear dependence between characteristic enthalpy and entropy, has been frequently described in many...

Authors: Anatoly Yu. Zakharov

Abstract: Helmholtz free energy functional for generalized lattice model is reduced to Ginzburg- Landau-like form. Connections between interatomic...

Authors: Christian Lexcellent, Elie Gibeau

Abstract: At first, some comments are made concerning the capacity of prediction of the microstructure for shape memory alloys by the...

Authors: C.B. Ene, C. Nowak, Guido Schmitz

Abstract: To investigate the influence of stress on reactive diffusion, a remarkably clear experiment has been designed. Thin film Al/Cu/Al and...

Authors: V.G. Myagkov, L.E. Bykova, S.M. Zharkov, G.N. Bondarenko

Abstract: NiAl shape memory alloy thin films have been fabricated by a solid-state reaction in Al/Ni bilayer films. Two kinds of synthesis have been...


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