Perspectives of nanoscience and nanotechnology

Volume 140

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lucky Mashudu Sikhwivhilu, Suprakas Sinha Ray, Neil John Coville

Abstract: Nanomaterials are of great importance for their versatile applications in gas sensors, solar cells and photocatalysis due to their unique...

Authors: J. Kisielewski, Kamil Postava, I. Sveklo, A. Nedzved, P. Trzciński, Andrzej Maziewski, B. Szymański, M. Urbaniak, Feliks Stobiecki

Abstract: The magnetic properties of an ultrathin cobalt film were modified by a focused femtosecond pulsed laser beam. The Co wedge, with a...

Authors: M. Sokół, Z. Gburski

Abstract: First principle simulations for the nanosystems Kn(C60)2, (n = 1, 2) composed of two fullerene (C60) molecules and one or two potassium (K)...

Authors: A. Piątek, A. Dawid, K. Górny, Roman Nowak, Z. Gburski

Abstract: The nanosystem composed of only as few as seven endohedral fullerene K+@C60 molecules was simulated using the MD method. The interaction...

Authors: W. Gwizdała, A. Dawid, Z. Gburski

Abstract: The molecular dynamics (MD) technique was used to investigate the nano droplet composed of twenty mesogene molecules...

Authors: M. Sarah Mohlala, Suprakas Sinha Ray

Abstract: This paper describes the preparation, characterization and properties of nanostructured composite materials based on poly(butylene...

Authors: A.T. Sobczyk, A. Jaworek, Eryk Rajch, Maria Sozańska

Abstract: A novel method to synthesize carbon fibres using low-current electrical-discharge plasma in hydrocarbon vapours is presented in the paper....

Authors: A. Piątek, Roman Nowak, Z. Gburski

Abstract: A small titanium-decorated fullerene cluster (C60[TiH2]6)7 was studied by MD simulation over a wide range of energy, from the solid state...

Authors: Jing Lu, Thomas J. Webster

Abstract: Atherosclerosis, which is caused by endothelial dysfunction, vascular inflammation, and the build-up of lipids, cholesterol, calcium, and...

Authors: A. Jaworek, A. Krupa, A.T. Sobczyk, M. Lackowski, T. Czech, Seeram Ramakrishna, S. Sundarrajan, Damian Pliszka

Abstract: The paper presents experimental results of electrospray deposition of nanopowder onto microfibers. The process is designed to form fibrous...


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