On the Modeling of Semisolid Suspensions


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Due to the distinct rheology of semisolid slurries the process has well established advantages over competing near-net-shape manufacturing technologies. Despite the obvious advantages of the process its adoption by the casting industry, however, has been slow. This is primarily due to lack of confidence of how these slurries flow in die cavities. The added cost associated with the specially prepared slurry has also affected the process commercial success. Nevertheless despite these problems attention to the semi-solid metal process has indeed increased over the years. The main focus of this review is the modeling of semisolid slurries. The objective here is to present an overview of relevant aspects of modeling by focusing on the physics of the slurry and by stressing consistent mathematical and analysis methods to determine the material constants.



Solid State Phenomena (Volumes 141-143)

Edited by:

G. Hirt, A. Rassili, A. Bührig-Polaczek






A. N. Alexandrou "On the Modeling of Semisolid Suspensions", Solid State Phenomena, Vols. 141-143, pp. 17-23, 2008

Online since:

July 2008




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