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  | Authors: Haruhiko Kawasaki
Abstract:Haptic interfaces that represent force and tactile feeling have been utilized in the areas of telemanipulation, interaction with microscale...
Authors: Jerzy T. Sawicki
Abstract:Well-established procedures exist to monitor and diagnose fairly severe problems with rotating machinery but little progress has been made...
Authors: Arkadiusz Mystkowski, Zdzisław Gosiewski
Abstract:Analysis of robustness of active magnetic bearing system is carried out in the paper. All of the most important acceptable levels of...
Authors: Arkadiusz Mystkowski, Zdzisław Gosiewski
Abstract:Stabilization of a plant in case of uncertainty parameters and unmodeled dynamics are the main problems considered in this paper. A robust...
Authors: Joanna Mystkowska
Abstract:Fluoride release from composite materials for dental fillings depending on the type of powder filler and dynamical loading is the main...
Authors: Joanna Mystkowska, Jan Ryszard Dąbrowski
Abstract:The aim of this study was to determine the influence of powder fillers on the tribological properties of composite materials used for dental...
Authors: Adam Kotowski
Abstract:The paper describes a method of analytic description of impulse response (IR) signals obtained during the test of technical object. The...
Authors: Paweł Lindstedt
Abstract:A focus of the paper is concerned with the issue that optimal actions of regulation, diagnostics and reliability tests of technical objects...
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