Mechatronic Systems and Materials II

Volume 144

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tomasz Huścio, Krzysztof Falkowski

Abstract: In this paper a formula of estimation of magnetic attraction force in the relative base – air-gap – absolute base system is presented. The...

Authors: Zdzisław Gosiewski, Andrzej Piotr Koszewnik

Abstract: An active vibration damping system with the use of piezoelements fixed to the structure is presented in the paper. The optimal location of...

Authors: Jarosław Janusz, Jacek Kłosiński, Ludwik Majewski
Authors: Ludwik Majewski, Arkadiusz Trąbka

Abstract: This paper presents an assessment of dynamic properties of a die hammer. The object of research is the steam-air die hammer MPM 10000 B...

Authors: Jacek Kłosiński, Jarosław Janusz

Abstract: A mathematical model of the control system of a mobile crane is presented in the paper. The system controls the slewing motion of the...

Authors: Paweł Ostapkowicz

Abstract: The article is concerned with detection of leakages in pipelines. The new method of improving diagnostic susceptibility of pipelines has...

Authors: Grzegorz Gasiak, Grzegorz Robak

Abstract: The paper presents a test stand for measurements of fatigue crack propagation. The stand includes a fatigue machine MZGS–100 and a device...

Authors: Krzysztof Pucher, Dariusz Polok

Abstract: In pace with the technical progress in controllability of mechatronic systems including machines and industrial equipment, the systems of...

Authors: Kryspin Mirota

Abstract: Knowledge of mechanical properties of vascular tissue - especially arterial tissue - is fundamental to understanding of vascular...

Authors: Zbigniew Pilat, Marcin Słowikowski, Jacek Zieliński

Abstract: Economical changes in Europe, as well as increasing global competition are the reasons for continuously growing interest in automation and...


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