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Authors: Mojmír Šob, A. Kroupa, J. Pavlů, J. Vřeštál
Abstract:Ab initio electronic structure theory has achieved considerable reliability concerning predictions of physical and chemical properties and...
Authors: M. Asle-Zaeem, S. D. Mesarovic
Abstract:Cahn-Hilliard type of phase field model coupled with elasticity is used to derive governing equations for the stress-mediated diffusion and...
Authors: Taras M. Radchenko, Valentin A. Tatarenko
Abstract:The statistical-thermodynamics and kinetics models of atomic ordering in a metal-doped graphene (binary two-dimensional planar graphene-type...
Authors: P.M. Pasinetti, F. Romá, J.L. Riccardo, A.J. Ramirez-Pastor
Abstract:Monte Carlo simulations and finite-size scaling analysis have been carried out to study the critical behavior in a submonolayer lattice-gas,...
Authors: Suresh Chandra Parida
Abstract:Owing to the technological importance of M-type hexaferrites of general formula MFe12O19 (M = Ba, Sr and Pb) and their substituted analogues,...
Authors: N.V. Chandra Shekar, P.C. Sahu, N.R. Sanjay Kumar, M. Sekar, N. Subramanian, V. Kathirvel, Sharat Chandra, M. Rajagopalan
Abstract:The study of high pressure structural stability and equation of state of f-electron based binary intermetallics of type AXBY, where A belongs...
Authors: Joan Josep Suñol, J. Saurina, Rastislav Varga, B. Hernando, José Luis Sánchez Llamazares, J.D. Santos, V.M. Prida
Abstract:The most extensively studied Heusler alloys are those based on the Ni-Mn-Ga system. However, to overcome the high cost of Gallium and the...
Authors: Václav Paidar, Andriy Ostapovets
Abstract:Shear deformation and shuffling of atomic planes are elementary mechanisms of collective atomic motion that take place during displacive...
  | Authors: Bertil Sundqvist
Abstract:Interest in hydrogen as a future energy carrier in mobile applications has led to a strong increase in research on the structural properties...
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