Some SiAlONs Prepared from Nanopowders by Spark Plasma Sintering


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Different compositions of α- and α-/β- SiAlON materials have been prepared from separate nanopowders and their composites: Si3N4 – AlN, Si3N4, Al2O3 and Y2O3, produced by the method of plasma-chemical synthesis. Compositions have been sintered by spark plasma sintering (SPS) method in vacuum at 1700 °C with a heating rate of 100 °C/min and holding time of 5 min. The densification behaviour of the materials at these sintering conditions depends insignificantly on the powder composition. It is possible to obtain dense ceramic materials with relatively fine-grained structure (200-400 nm) and good mechanical properties from nanosized powders at relatively low temperatures (1400-1600 °C). The holding time at applied compacting conditions is still too short to ensure the formation of α- SiAlON phase corresponding to the phase diagram. All samples consist of β- SiAlON’s of differing composition and this is the reason for relatively low hardness of samples (HV5 = 15,6-16,9 GPa).



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 151)

Edited by:

Erich Kny






I. Zalite et al., "Some SiAlONs Prepared from Nanopowders by Spark Plasma Sintering", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 151, pp. 240-244, 2009

Online since:

April 2009




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