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Authors: P.R. Chalker, K.M. Berggreen, A.T. Clare, J. Singh, C.J. Sutcliffe
Abstract:This paper investigates the rapid prototyping of components from ceramics. Selective laser sintering of barium titanate powder has been...
Authors: Robert A. Paxton, Ahmed M. Al-Jumaily
Abstract:The preliminary results of gel swelling experiments are reported, and then compared to predictions made by a recently-developed finite...
Authors: Raluca Petronela Dumitriu, Ana Maria Oprea, Cornelia Vasile
Abstract:Stimuli responsive hydrogels are very attractive for applications in sustained and/or targeted drug delivery systems. As the release of drugs...
Authors: Adam Bieńkowski, Roman Szewczyk, Jacek Salach, Roman Kolano
Abstract:Paper presents the results of investigation on functional characteristics of magnetoelastic compressive force sensor utilizing two Fe81Si4B15...
Authors: Roman Szewczyk, Jacek Salach, Adam Bieńkowski, Marek Kostecki, Andrzej Roman Olszyna, Aleksandra Kolano-Burian
Abstract:Paper presents a novel application of magnetostrictive delay lines, which give a possibility of real time monitoring of strain in ceramic...
Authors: Jerzy Kaleta, Daniel Lewandowski, Rafał Mech, Paweł Gąsior
Abstract:In this work the methodology of determining mechanical and magnetomechanical properties (mainly magnetostriction) of original composite...
Authors: H.A. Chowdhury, Saiful Amri Mazlan, Abdul Ghani Olabi
Abstract:Magnetostriction is the deformation that spontaneously occurs in ferromagnetic materials when an external magnetic field is applied. In...
  | Authors: Hisaaki Tobushi, Elzbieta Pieczyska, W.K. Nowacki, Y. Sugimoto
Abstract:If a shape-memory alloy (SMA) thin strip is applied as an element subjected to torsion, a rotary driving element with a simple mechanism can...
Authors: Józef Lelątko, Tomasz Goryczka, Tadeusz Wierzchoń, Henryk Morawiec
Abstract:The nearly-equiatomic NiTi (50.6 at.%Ni, Af = 10°C) alloy was nitrided at 1073 K using glow discharge technique. Additionally, at the end...
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