Smart Materials for Smart Devices and Structures

Volume 154

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tomasz Goryczka

Abstract: The ternary Ni47Ti50Co3 alloy was produced using twin rolls casting technique. The strip was annealed at 3000C, 4000C or 5000C for 1 hour....

Authors: Hisaaki Tobushi, Shunichi Hayashi, Y. Sugimoto, K. Date

Abstract: The shape-memory composite belt with a TiNi-SMA wire fiber and a polyurethane-SMP sheet matrix was fabricated. The bending actuation...

Authors: Corneliu Marius Crăciunescu, Octavian Oanca, Dorin Dehelean

Abstract: The paper describes the research developed in order to assemble shape memory alloys using welding technologies with the aim to reduce the...

Authors: Valentina Grossi, Ale Urbani, Andrea Giugni, C. Cantalini, Sandro Santucci, Maurizio Passacantando

Abstract: Multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) have been grown, simultaneously at different temperatures (600 °C, 700 °C, 725 °C, and 750 °C), by...

Authors: Javad Koohsorkhi, Nima Davoudzadeh, Shamsoddin Mohajerzadeh, Ebrahin Asl Soleimani, Hasan Ghafouri Fard

Abstract: In this paper the electric field simulation of carbon nanotubes triode field emission devices is investigated. The geometry of CNTs and...

Authors: Zhen Yu Wu, Hai Long Dong, Andrey L. Chuvilin, Ulf Wiedwald, Lu Yang Han, Carl E. Krill III

Abstract: The preparation of a novel ferrofluid out of one-dimensional magnetic structures is attempted by the reverse-micelle-based wet-chemical...

Authors: Seiichi Miyazaki, Mitsuhisa Ikeda, Katsunori Makihara, K. Shimanoe, R. Matsumoto

Abstract: We demonstrated a new fabrication method of Pt- and Ni-silicide nanodots with an areal density of the order of ~1011 cm-2 on SiO2 through ...

Authors: Antonela Dima, Massimo Gagliardi, Dun Liu, Walter Perrie, Craig J. Williams, Ivo Rendina, Geoff Dearden, Ken G. Watkins

Abstract: Patterned structures were created by exposing SiO2 sol-gel films containing nano-silicon particles to a Clark MXR CPA-2010 fs laser (387...

Authors: Anna Boczkowska, Stefan F. Awietjan

Abstract: In this paper studies on urethane magnetorheological elastomers (MREs) microstructure in respect to their magnetic and mechanical properties...

Authors: Wiesław Szymczyk, Anna Boczkowska, Tadeusz Niezgoda, Konrad Zubko

Abstract: This paper deals with the development of magnetoactive elastomers (MREs) based on the carbonyl iron particles-filled polyurethane resin....


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