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Authors: H.M. Lu
Abstract:The reduction of size of the low dimensional materials leads to a dramatic increase of surface-to-volume ratio. The properties of a solid are...
Authors: Santanu K. Maiti
Abstract:We study electron transport properties of some molecular wires and a unconventional disordered thin film within the tight-binding framework...
Authors: Santanu K. Maiti
Abstract:We explore the behavior of persistent current and low-field magnetic response in mesoscopic one-channel rings and multi-channel cylinders...
Authors: N.K. Acharya
Abstract:The bombardment of energetic ions on polymer membranes will produce the loosely bound passage in the membrane structure due to the energy...
Authors: Dimple P. Dutta, A.K. Tyagi
Abstract:Solid-state lighting (SSL) is emerging as a highly competent field and a possible alternative to existing lighting technologies. Development...
Authors: P.K. Mehta, Bhagwati Bishnoi, Ravi Kumar, R.J. Choudhary, D.M. Phase
Abstract:Study of Sr[(Mg0.32Co0.02) Nb0.66]O3 [SMCN] thin films prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition Technique (PLD) were carried out in the...
Authors: Yan Huai Ding, Ping Zhang, Yong Jiang, Fu Xu, Jing Chen, Hua Ling Zheng
Abstract:ZnO thin-films were prepared from sol-gel precursors using electrospray method. The structure, morphology and optical property of ZnO...
Authors: Kinnari Parekh, R.V. Upadhyay, V.K. Aswal
Abstract:Magnetite and Co ferrite particles were synthesized with control of particle size distribution via non-aqueous route. The XRD pattern shows...
Authors: R.K. Singhal, M.S. Dhawan, S.K. Gaur, Elisa Saitovitch
Abstract:ZnO semiconductor doped with a few per cent of some transition metal ions can exhibit above room temperature ferromagnetism, transforming it...
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