Nanostructured Materials, Thin Films and Hard Coatings for Advanced Applications

Volume 159

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Boris Arnaudov, Dmitrii S. Domanevskii, Svetla Evtimova, Chavdar Ivanov, Roumen Kakanakov

Abstract: We investigate light emission spectra at different excitation levels of nanoscale thin InGaN film participating in an InGaN/GaN quantum well...

Authors: Evgenia Valcheva, Mitra Baleva, G. Zlateva

Abstract: We study the conditions for appearance and observation of surface and interface phonon-polariton (SPP and IPP) modes in thin InN layers...

Authors: Lilyana Kolaklieva, Roumen Kakanakov, V. Chitanov, Polina Dulgerova, Volker Cimalla

Abstract: Ohmic properties, thermal stability and surface morphology of Al-based and non-aluminium metallizations are investigated in dependence on...

Authors: M. Milanova, Roumen Kakanakov, G. Koleva, P. Vitanov, V. Bakardjieva, M.V. Zamoryanskaya, T.P. Popova

Abstract: GaSb based III-V heterostuctures are attractive for optoelectronic devices such as midin- frared lasers, detectors, and thermophotovoltaics...

Authors: Genoveva Atanasova, Desislava Guergova, Dimitar Stoychev, Nenad Radić, Boško Grbić, Plamen Stefanov

Abstract: In the present work, the surface properties of various Al oxide films were investigated. The oxide films were produced on a stainless steel...

Authors: Rumen Kirilov, P. Stefchev, Z. Alexieva, H. Dikov

Abstract: High effective selective absorbing bimetallic structures of Sn and Ni for solar thermal collectors have been investigated. They were...

Authors: Emil Manolov, Mario Curiel, Nicola Nedev, Diana Nesheva, Juan Terrazas, Benjamin Valdez, Roberto Machorro, Julio Soares, Mauro R. Sardela

Abstract: Thin SiOx films deposited by reactive r.f. magnetron sputtering of Si at partial pressure ratios R between oxygen and argon in the range...

Authors: Nikola Koprinarov, Mariana Konstantinova, Miko Marinov

Abstract: Ferromagnetic micro and nano particles that are chemically resistant have been obtained by thermal decomposition of ferrocenes in a tightly...

Authors: Peter Shindov, Roumen Kakanakov, Lidiya Bedikyan, Svetlana Kaneva, Teodora Anastasova

Abstract: The effect of the pulsed – laser annealing on the parameters of CdS thin layers in the medium of oxygen was studied. The CdS thin layers...

Authors: Roumen Kakanakov, H. Bahchedjiev, Lilyana Kolaklieva, T. Cholakova, Svetla Evtimova, Efstathios K. Polychroniadis, Eleni Pavlidou, Ioannis Tsiaousis

Abstract: Zirconium nitrides (ZrN) coatings have shown better quality in comparison to titanium nitrides (TiN) ones regarding the application in the...


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