Texture and Anisotropy of Polycrystals III

Volume 160

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/SSP.160

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Authors: Kim Verbeken, Edgar Gomes, Juergen Schneider, Yvan Houbaert

Abstract: The magnetic properties in electrical steels are strongly dependent on the crystallographic texture as well as other microstructural...

Authors: Tricia A. Bennett, Roumen H. Petrov, Leo Kestens

Abstract: The effect of two different intermediate annealing (IA) treatments on texture banding in a roping prone aluminium alloy was investigated. It...

Authors: Pierre Blaineau, Lionel Germain, Michel Humbert, Nathalie Gey

Abstract: We propose a new approach to automatically reconstruct the  orientation map from the ’ map inherited by the bainitic or martensitic ’...

Authors: D. Borisova, C. Schimpf, Andreas Jahn, V. Klemm, G. Schreiber, D. Šimek, David Rafaja

Abstract: Formation of microstructure defects at the phase boundaries in TRIP steels was investigated with the aid of microstructure analysis on a...

Authors: C.T. Chou, Ali Gholinia

Abstract: A new method, the elementary facet method for the grain boundary (GB) orientation measurement using three dimensional EBSD data obtained...

Authors: Jai Gautam, Roumen H. Petrov, Elke Leunis, Leo Kestens

Abstract: . It is well known that surface energy anisotropy is one of the driving forces for the orientation selection at the metal-vapour interface....

Authors: Andreas Goetz, Erika Griesshaber, Wolfgang W. Schmahl

Abstract: Sea urchins mineralize Mg-calcite skeletons, both, within their exoskeletons as well as in their spines. In this study we have investigated...

Authors: Uta Klement, L. Hollang, S.R. Dey, M. Battabyal, O.V. Mishin, Werner Skrotzki

Abstract: Thick (up to 5 mm) Ni electrodeposits were produced by the pulsed electrodeposition (PED) technique. The PED-Ni was investigated in planar...

Authors: W. Mao, Y. Li, Z. An, G. Zhu, Ping Yang

Abstract: The compact strip processing technology and the technologies for conventional grain oriented electrical steels were used to process the low...

Authors: W. Mao, Y. Li, W. Guo, Z. An

Abstract: The precipitation behaviors of fine MnS and other second phase particles in hot band, decarburized sheet and 875 oC annealed sheet before...


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