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Authors: J. Palmeira, L. Lopes, A.J. Silva, P.A.S. Jorge, A. Oliva
Abstract:In the recent years, sol-gel films have been intensively used in optical sensors configurations. Due to its hydrophobic nature, ormosil films...
Authors: B. Sudhakar Reddy, S. Buddhudu
Abstract:We report here on the preparation and optical characterization of certain rare earth (Nd3+,Tb3+,Pr3+ &Tm3+ each in 0.2 mol %) ions doped in...
Authors: J.P. Carvalho, F. Magalhães, O. Frazão, J.L. Santos, F.M. Araújo, L.A. Ferreira
Abstract:Hollow-core photonic crystal glass fibers have a high potential for gas sensing applications, since large light-gas interaction lengths can...
Authors: S. Rani, S. Sanghi, A. Agarwal, N. Kishore
Abstract:Glasses having composition xLi2O∙(30-x)Fe2O3∙20Bi2O3∙50B2O3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 30, in mol%) have been prepared using normal melt-quench technique. The...
Authors: A. Sreenivasulu, S. Buddhudu
Abstract: Ferroelectric materials of LiNb0.95RE0.05O3 (RE3+=Eu3+, Sm3+, Dy3+ & Pr3+) have been prepared by a conventional solid state...
Authors: G. Pavan Kumar, A. Jaya Kumar, P. Krishnanjaneya Reddy, Sooraj Hussain Nandyala, M.A. Lopes, José D. Santos
Abstract:Bony defects caused by periodontitis are often treated by regenerative therapy using autografts and/or allografts. Alloplasts such as...
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