Applied Crystallography XXI

Volume 163

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Aneta Hanc, Grzegorz Dercz, Izabela Jendrzejewska

Abstract: The aim of the work is to search possibility for preparation of the Mn2VSn and V2MnSn Heusler-type compounds. We have carried out the...

Authors: P. Kwapuliński, Lucjan Pająk, Józef Lelątko, G. Badura, Józef Rasek, Z. Stokłosa, G. Haneczok

Abstract: The aim of the present paper is to find correlations between structural changes and electrical, mechanical and magnetic properties in...

Authors: Z. Stokłosa, Lucjan Pająk, Józef Lelątko, G. Badura, Józef Rasek, P. Kwapuliński, G. Haneczok

Abstract: In the paper Fe82Nb2B16, Fe80Nb2B18 and Fe78Nb2B20 amorphous alloys, obtained by melt spinning, were examined. It was shown that the alloys...

Authors: Artur Chrobak, Małgorzata Karolus, G. Haneczok

Abstract: In this paper we present self-designed mould suction casting apparatus allowing preparation of bulk samples in a form of rods (1.5 mm in...

Authors: Małgorzata Karolus

Abstract: In this paper there are presented results of structure analyses of the Fe78Nb2B20 amorphous alloy after annealing. Basing on the initial...

Authors: Marek Krasnowski, Tadeusz Kulik

Abstract: In the present work, an elemental powder mixture of Al60Fe20Ti15Ni5 (at.%) was mechanically alloyed in a high-energy ball mill. The phase...

Authors: Barbara Kucharska

Abstract: The paper discusses the examination of the thermal expansibility of a coating composed of the austenitic steel 310S using the X-ray...

Authors: Joachim Kusz, Dariusz Malczewski, Maciej Zubko, T. Häger, W. Hofmeister

Abstract: Metamict minerals contain radioactive elements that degrade their crystal structure. Unlike other metamict minerals, annealing process under...

Authors: Gabriela Bednarek, Maria Nowak, Joachim Kusz, Jerzy Ossowski

Abstract: N,N’ – bis – (2– hydroxy – ethylene) – terephthalamide (BHETA) has been obtained by aminolysis of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) using...

Authors: Arkadiusz Onyszko, Włodzimierz Bogdanowicz, Krzysztof Kubiak, Jan Sieniawski

Abstract: The paper attempts to determine structural perfection of monocrystalline nickel superalloys using X-ray topography. Monocrystalline bars and...


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