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Authors: V. Bleizgys, A. Baskys
Abstract:This paper presents investigation results of the influence of the supply voltage amplitude variation law on the efficiency of AC induction...
Authors: A. Baskys, V. Zlosnikas
Abstract:The paper proposes an algorithm for control of processes based on variable-speed drives with low acceleration and deceleration rate of the...
Authors: Chi Hsiang Pan, Ying Bin Wang
Abstract:This paper presents a novel microactuator driven by shape memory alloy (SMA). First, the helical spring-shaped SMA is fabricated from SMA...
Authors: Pavel Houška, Tomáš Březina
Abstract:The article deals with description of design of sensor system for linear actuators. These constitute a part of a parallel kinematic machine...
Authors: Tatjana Ivanova, Janis Rudzitis
Abstract:High-precision mass measurement equipment is required in some areas of science and technology. Physics, chemistry, pharmaceutics and high...
Authors: Jarosław Janusz, Jacek Kłosiński
Abstract:A payload displacement in mobile cranes is performed via an adequate composition of working movements. Hoists are used for lifting and...
Authors: Ryszard Jasiński
Abstract:During start-up of hydrotronic system (hydraulic system with electric control) in low ambient temperatures a faulty operation may occur. The...
Authors: Ryszard Jasiński
Abstract:The paper presents the developed new electro-pneumatic control (pneumotronic) system for hydraulic fixed-displacement radial piston pump....
Authors: Bronius Karaliunas, Edvardas Matkevicius
Abstract:The purpose of the wok is to derive analytical expressions of spectral characteristics at electrical braking of linear induction motor with...
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