Phase Locked Loop Integrated System


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CMOS-MEMS integration is an indispensable technique for self-calibration of electromechanical performance to make MEMS devices independent on environmental drift or fabrication errors. The goal of single-chip integration (the “holy grail” for the semiconductor timing industry) would be to include the resonator, the oscillator, the PLL and a temperature compensation circuit (TCC) on a single silicon substrate. The current structure of silicon MEMS-based devices utilizes a stacked-die arrangement, housed in a multi-chip package [1]. MEMS-based timing circuits often use PLLs, which can succumb to phase jitter and noise at higher timing frequencies. The architecture of a charge pump phase locked loop (CPPLL) is proposed in this work. It is discussed how its functional blocks influence the overall system performance. We have performed voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) phase noise analysis and have determined the relationship between CPPLL and VCO phase noises and have discussed the requirements and results of the accomplished design.



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 164)

Edited by:

Andrejus H. Marcinkevičius and Algirdas V.Valiulis






J. Charlamov and R. Navickas, "Phase Locked Loop Integrated System", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 164, pp. 221-226, 2010

Online since:

June 2010




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