Mechatronic Systems and Materials: Mechatronic Systems and Robotics

Volume 164

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Aleksandr Gubarev, Oleg Yakhno, Oksana Ganpantsurova

Abstract: The interconnection of process of functioning and control algorithm in mechatronic systems with hydraulic and pneumatic drives is considered...

Authors: Aleksandr Gubarev, Oksana Ganpantsurova

Abstract: The paper considers an approach that enables increasing efficiency of wind turbine operation by sampling a rational correlation of...

Authors: Jan Šklíba, Jan Škoda

Abstract: The fundamental condition of the sufficient vibration-isolation is that all natural frequencies of a system are placed outside the interval...

Authors: Rafał Hein, Cezary Orlikowski

Abstract: The problem of optimal control of transverse rotor vibrations with gyroscopic interactions has been described and solved in the paper. An...

Authors: Marijonas Bogdevicius, Jolanta Janutėnienė

Abstract: The paper deals with analysis of dynamic stability and behavior of automatic dynamic balance (ADB) by applying theoretical approach....

Authors: Vytenis Puidokas, Albinas J. Marcinkevičius

Abstract: The architectural scheme of the designed Sigma-Delta DAC on the FPGA is considered. The place of the interpolator in Sigma-Delta DACs is...

Authors: Agata Nawrocka, Janusz Kwaśniewski

Abstract: The main subject matter of the paper is the application of adaptive control systems. This type of control is particularly useful for...

Authors: Radek Votrubec, Michal Sivčák

Abstract: We have a prototype of platform that is stabilized by means of gyroscopes. Pneumatic motors are used for moving with frames. It was...

Authors: Piotr Szymak

Abstract: Automatic control of motion of underwater robots, particularly along desired trajectory, requires application of proper controllers taking...

Authors: Jouni Tervonen, Mika Luimula, Sakari Pieskä, Tomi Pitkäaho, Juha Alaspää

Abstract: In this study we focus on adding wireless intelligence to machines and systems to be used in production applications. The key enabling...


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