Mechatronic Systems and Materials: Mechatronic Systems and Robotics

Volume 164

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Vytautas Grigas, Alexandra Legha, Anatolijus Sulginas, Rymantas Tadas Toločka

Abstract: The rowing force simulation and control system is to be developed to generate the loading on the oar during the rowing stroke most adequate...

Authors: Oleksandr V. Uzunov

Abstract: The paper considers a process of development of computer models for mechatronic multi-regime systems. A simplified approach for model...

Authors: Tomáš Březina, Jan Vetiška, Petr Blecha, Pavel Houška

Abstract: The oscillations occurring between the tool and the machined area during the turning process lead to degradation of the machined surface,...

Authors: Lukas Březina, Tomáš Březina

Abstract: The paper deals with development of uncertain dynamics model of a six DOF parallel mechanism (Stewart platform) suitable for H-infinity...

Authors: Cezary Orlikowski, Rafał Hein

Abstract: This paper presents a uniform, port-based approach for modeling of both lumped and distributed parameter systems. Port-based model of the...

Authors: Cezary Orlikowski, Rafał Hein

Abstract: The paper introduces the method of the modal reduction of systems that experience the Coriolis acceleration or gyroscopic effect component....

Authors: Gyula Hermann

Abstract: The paper presents a new low-cost probe design. The moving element of the probe head consists of the stylus and a cross-form intermediate...

Authors: Jerzy Świder, Mariusz Piotr Hetmańczyk

Abstract: Authors of the paper focused on the problem of devising a concept of computer-aided diagnosis system of a centralized PLC control coupled...

Authors: Wojciech Blacharski

Abstract: The paper deals with design of data acquisition (DAQ) systems and application of quadrature encoders in order to measure velocity of...

Authors: Piotr Hatłas, Janusz Juraszek, Krzysztof Krupa

Abstract: The aim of this work is to implement a new nondestructive testing (NDT) method based on the metal magnetic memory (MMM) effect into...


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