Mechatronic Systems and Materials: Mechatronic Systems and Robotics

Volume 164

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: J. Charlamov, R. Navickas

Abstract: CMOS-MEMS integration is an indispensable technique for self-calibration of electromechanical performance to make MEMS devices independent...

Authors: Egidijus Kazanavicius, Vygintas Kazanavicius, Laura Ostaseviciute

Abstract: Embedded computing systems still remain one of the underlying priorities in worldwide research communities. This paper presents an...

Authors: Tomasz Praczyk

Abstract: Assembler Encoding is Artificial Neural Network encoding method. To date Assembler Encoding has been tested in the optimization problem and...

Authors: Andrzej Buchacz, Andrzej Wróbel

Abstract: Present paper is a continuation of author’s earlier publications on stacking of piezoelectric plates. Analysis effects are presented by...

Authors: Józef Drewniak, Stanisław Zawiślak

Abstract: Graph-based modeling of planetary gears was applied in the presented research work for their synthesis. The tailored Hsu and contour graphs...

Authors: Vytautas Slivinskas, Virginija Šimonytė, Gražina Pyž

Abstract: The purpose of the paper is to develop a model of iron wolf howling. The recorded live sounds of wolf howling are used in order to obtain...

Authors: Martin Nesvadba, Jiří Duroň, Vladislav Singule

Abstract: The target of this paper is to evaluate influence of increased bus voltage of power converter on motor insulation system. This is required...

Authors: Katarzyna Białas

Abstract: The adverse effects of vibrations on the performance of machines and their environment are the subject of various studies. That is why...

Authors: Bronius Bakšys, Jolanta Baskutiene, Algis Benjaminas Povilionis, Kristina Ramanuskytė

Abstract: Presented paper considers the experimental analysis of vibratory manipulation and interdependent alignment of the parts prior to automated...

Authors: Miloš Schlegel, Lukáš Bláha

Abstract: Input shaping has been demonstrated to be a simple method of reducing vibration in many types of controlled machines. The method is...


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