Influence of Ageing Process on Structure and Mechanical Properties of the T24 Steel


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The paper presents results of research on the influence of ageing on the microstructure and mechanical properties of T24 steel. The examined material was in the form of longitudinal samples taken from a pipe section (with the pipe size of 44.5x6.7 mm). The research is focused on degradation of the base material (T24 steel) where the steel samples, after initial heat treatment, were aged at the temperature of 580°C and time up to 6000hrs in a furnace with air atmosphere. This contribution summarizes the experimental results of mechanical and structural measurements and provides relations between them.



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 165)

Edited by:

Andrejus H. Marcinkevičius and Algirdas V.Valiulis




G. Golański, "Influence of Ageing Process on Structure and Mechanical Properties of the T24 Steel", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 165, pp. 56-60, 2010

Online since:

June 2010




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