Mechatronic Systems and Materials: Materials Production Technologies

Volume 165

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hanna Smolenska

Abstract: The paper considers the sulphidation of the clad layers made of the cobalt base powder and prepared by the multi-overlapped tracks and...

Authors: Robert Starosta

Abstract: The paper presents the preliminary research results that were aimed at working out a technology of the surface roughness reduction by means...

Authors: Rimantas Stonkus, Mindaugas Kazimieras Leonavičius

Abstract: The results of failure process of welded joints subjected to high-cyclic loading are presented. Analysis of the microstructure of welded...

Authors: Marek Szkodo

Abstract: This work presents investigations of relative cavitation resistance of carbon steel (C45) at the initial stage of erosion, after melting its...

Authors: Marek Szkodo

Abstract: This work presents investigations of cavitation properties of different austenitic microstructures formed by laser beam machining of...

Authors: Marek Szkodo, J. Adamowski, Artur Sitko

Abstract: This paper summarizes the results of experimental studies in which the aluminum alloy AW7075-T651 was friction stir welded (FSW) using...

Authors: J. Tamulienė, Rimas Vaisnoras, Gonsal Badenes, Mindaugas Leonas Balevicius

Abstract: In this paper we discuss magnetic properties of ConOm (n = 2,6, m = 0-9,12) nanoparticles. Based on quantum chemistry research results we...

Authors: Algirdas Vaclovas Valiulis, Jelena Škamat

Abstract: Lithuania, as a small country, cannot afford creating new knowledge in all the fields of science. It is reasonable to firstly focus on those...

Authors: Sylwia Wiewiórowska

Abstract: TRIP (transformation induced plasticity) steels are low and medium-carbon steels containing soft ferritic groundmass responsible for low...

Authors: Sylwia Wiewiórowska, Zbigniew Muskalski, Maciej Suliga

Abstract: The variety of industrial use of brazing solders is associated in one way with plastic properties (more plastic materials are producing in...


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