Mechatronic Systems and Materials: Materials Production Technologies

Volume 165

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mieczyslaw Siemiatkowski

Abstract: The focus of this paper is on planning applications of group technology (GT) and the design of related layouts for multi-assortment cellular...

Authors: Robert Skoblik, Dariusz Rydz, Grzegorz Stradomski

Abstract: . Literature provides three basic methods of explosive cladding, developed by Darenport and Person. Welding trials were performed in two-...

Authors: Tadeusz Smolnicki, Jacek Karliński, Damian Derlukiewicz

Abstract: In bolted flange joints of flexible constructional elements, bolts are subjected not only to tension and torsion but also to bending loads....

Authors: Tadeusz Smolnicki, Mariusz Stańco

Abstract: Determination of centre of gravity of rotational handling machines with the rail undercarriage can be conducted by the measurement of rails...

Authors: Andrzej Stefanik, Piotr Szota, Sebastian Mróz, Henryk Dyja

Abstract: The main idea of multi slit rolling (MSR) technology is the capability of producing two, three, four and even five rods simultaneously from...

Authors: Maciej Suliga

Abstract: In this work the influence of value of single draft on mechanical-technological properties of high carbon steel wires was evaluated. For...

Authors: Maciej Suliga, Sebastian Mróz, Piotr Szota

Abstract: Numerical analysis of drawing square and square twisted wires is presented. The thermomechanical simulation of the drawing process of square...

Authors: Piotr Szota, Andrzej Stefanik, Henryk Dyja

Abstract: This paper presents theoretical analysis of microstructure changes in the material during standard rolling and normalizing rolling of the...

Authors: E. Szymczyk, J. Jachimowicz, Agnieszka Derewonko, Grzegorz Slawinski

Abstract: The paper deals with analysis of contact stress fields and relative displacements as well as inspection of fretting phenomena in the...

Authors: E. Szymczyk, Grzegorz Slawinski

Abstract: The paper deals with the numerical analysis of a tensile loaded riveted joint. Finite element simulations of the upsetting process were...


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