Rapid Control Prototyping in Design Process of Mechatronic Systems


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In the design process of mechatronic systems rapid control prototyping had became an indispensable method for developing and testing control strategies. The paper presents an approach using Matlab and dSpace platforms for implementing rapid control prototyping method. The advantages of using dSpace platform are shown. The method is applied in the design of a parallel robot with 6 DOF. The simulation and experimental results are presented and compared; also the advantages of using rapid control prototyping are presented.



Solid State Phenomena (Volumes 166-167)

Edited by:

Cornel Brișan, Vistrian Mătieș, Sergiu-Dan Stan and Stelian Brad




C. Lapusan et al., "Rapid Control Prototyping in Design Process of Mechatronic Systems", Solid State Phenomena, Vols. 166-167, pp. 247-252, 2010

Online since:

September 2010




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