Spin Polarons at High Temperatures in Undoped Lanthanum Manganites


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Magnetic properties of undoped samples of lanthanum manganites in the temperature range 77-650K are reported. The ferromagnetic Curie temperature increases when the unit-cell volume decreases and the number of cation defects increases. Uncorrelated polarons and noninteracting moments of Mn ions are present in the region TC < T < 440K. Above 2TC < 440 K < T, the nonstoihiometric LaMnO3 compound passes into the homogeneous paramagnetic state.



Solid State Phenomena (Volumes 168-169)

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V. Ustinov






T.I. Arbuzova et al., "Spin Polarons at High Temperatures in Undoped Lanthanum Manganites", Solid State Phenomena, Vols. 168-169, pp. 473-476, 2011

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December 2010




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