Application of Diamond and Related Materials

Volume 175

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Mei Zhou, Feng Lin Zhang, Meng Jia He, Hui Ping Huang

Abstract: . In this paper three uniformly arraying patterns (GD, CC and UR) and one non-uniformly arraying pattern (NUR) of diamond grits are used to...

Authors: Mei Chen, Feng Zhang, Jian Yun Shen, Hua Guo, Xipeng Xu

Abstract: Based on the analysis of problems of diamond cut-off wheels used in slot grinding of ceramics at present, a brazed diamond cut-off wheel was...

Authors: You Ji Zhan, Yuan Li, Hui Huang, Xipeng Xu

Abstract: An investigation was undertaken to explore the specific energy and material removal mechanisms involved in the grinding of cemented carbide...

Authors: Guo Qin Huang, Xipeng Xu

Abstract: . Experiments of sawing granite with diamond circular blades were carried out to study the energy efficiency in circular sawing. Energy...

Authors: Yu Fei Gao, Pei Qi Ge

Abstract: A mathematical model to calculate the grit average cut depth in wire sawing single crystal silicon was founded. So the grit average cut...

Authors: Ming Jun Chen, Wen Bin Jiang, Jian Cheng, Xin Chu

Abstract: Indentations on the main crystallographic plane (111) of CaF2 were analyzed. Appropriate material parameters were obtained by experiments....

Authors: Zhuo Chen, Xin Wei, Xiao Zhu Xie, Qing Lei Ren

Abstract: This paper presents a Raman analysis of the monocrystalline silicon wafer scratched by single point diamond. Si-III and Si-XII phases are...

Authors: Yu Shan Lu, Jun Wang, Nan Li, Tian Zhang, Min Duan, Xue Ling Xing

Abstract: In order to make the material removal distribution on polishing silicon surface more non-uniform during the chemical mechanical polishing...

Authors: Cong Fu Fang, Hui Huang, Xipeng Xu

Abstract: The effects of the geometric parameters of a sawblade on the sawing fluctuated temperatures were analyzed based on a fluctuated temperature...

Authors: Guo Bi, Yin Biao Guo

Abstract: The paper was dedicated to surface grinding, in which axisymmetric surface and non-axisymmetric surface are presented. Machined traces...


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