Application of Diamond and Related Materials

Volume 175

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Geng Huang He, Xian Li Liu, Fu Gang Yan, Yuan Sheng Zhai, Zhong Yang Zhao

Abstract: Analyzing and researching the main failure forms of the hard alloy turning tool in rough machining process of the hydrogenated cylindrical...

Authors: Xiao Hu Zheng, Guo Qiang Guo, Jun Li Li, Ming Chen

Abstract: This paper presented a method of FEM simulation in thread milling machining for designing PCD milling tool. Thread milling technology is a...

Authors: Gao Chao Wu

Abstract: Cemented carbide rods, which are mostly made by powder extrusion molding, are workblank for various cutting tools. In this paper, new...

Authors: Yong Guo Wang, Xiao Guang Chen, Gang Liu

Abstract: PCD cutting tools have been widely used in manufacturing main automobile parts such as Al-alloy cylinder head and block. Being used PCD...

Authors: Jun Yi Lai, Ling Xiang Li, Chong Hu Wu

Abstract: Titanium alloys are difficult-to-cut materials, and the rapid wear of cutter is a big problem for machining of these alloys. In this paper,...

Authors: Tao Guo, Guang Chen, Cheng Zu Ren

Abstract: Heat generation during cutting process affects the machined workpiece material and influences the cutting forces and tool wear. In this...

Authors: Xi Bing Li, Chang Long Yang, Gong Di Xu, Wen Yuan, Shi Gang Wang

Abstract: With heat flux increasing and cooling space decreasing in microelectronic and chemical products, micro heat pipe has become an ideal heat...

Authors: Jing Quan Wu, Guang Hui Li, Can Liu, Guang Yu Tan

Abstract: To represent the relation between force and cutting parameters in milling T10 hardened steel, single factor milling experiments with...

Authors: Bao Xing Zhang, Bin Lin, Zhi Lin Han, Lei Zhang

Abstract: Optimization of the cutting parameters is one of the most important contents in diamond turning process of the thin-walled tube of high...

Authors: Jia Long Ren, Chun Yan Zhang, De Peng Yuan

Abstract: To analysis cutting mechanism and heat transfer coefficient of Ni-based superalloy IN718, this paper introduced a three-dimensional finite...


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