Light Metals and their Alloys I - Technology, Microstructure and Properties

Volume 176

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mariola Saternus, Tomasz Merder, Piotr Warzecha

Abstract: Today the aluminium refining process, especially barbotage is one of the most essential necessary technological stages in obtaining...

Authors: Mariola Saternus

Abstract: Bayern`s method is the first stage of obtaining primary aluminium. The product of this process is alumina. The paper presents how much...

Authors: Kinga Rodak, Krzysztof Radwański, Rafal M. Molak

Abstract: . In this study, commercial Al was subjected to plastic deformation by multi-axial compression. The microstructure and mechanical properties...

Authors: Jaroslaw Piątkowski

Abstract: The effect of overheating on the solidification process and microstructure evolution in AlSi17 silumin was discussed. The alloy melt was...

Authors: Janusz Adamiec, Tomasz Pfeifer, Janusz Rykała

Abstract: The article presents the course and the results of research on material and technological welding conditions of different aluminium alloys...

Authors: Jerzy Myalski, Józef Śleziona

Abstract: The mechanical properties of composite materials with glassy carbon (GC) have been presented. The effect of size and reinforcement value on...

Authors: Maciej Dyzia

Abstract: The article presents the results of the first phase of research on the development of manufacturing composites by pilot-scale technology....

Authors: Anna J. Dolata

Abstract: Interaction of Al-Si alloys with SiC/C ceramic particles and their influence on microstructure of composites was discussed. This article...

Authors: Andrzej Kiełbus

Abstract: It is required of sand casting magnesium used for aircraft industry to be, among others, increasingly creep-resisting. This paper describes...


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