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Authors: Józef Bednarczyk, Andrzej Sioma
Abstract:This paper discusses a visual method of measuring the geometric parameters of elements produced by electrodynamic stamping. This paper...
Authors: Marek Sibielak, Waldemar Rączka, Jarosław Konieczny
Abstract:Smart materials are being applied more and more widely in semi-active vibration reduction systems. Actuators built with their use are...
Authors: Andrzej Kot
Abstract:The paper presents description of physical phenomena arising during the process of electrodynamic forming by means of axisymetric inductors...
Authors: Marcin Kot, Tomasz Moskalewicz, Bogdan Wendler, Aleksandra Czyrska-Filemonowicz, Wiesław Rakowski
Abstract:The nanocomposite coatings composed of nanocrystalline TiC grains embedded in hydrogen free amorphous carbon a-C matrix (nc-TiC/a-C) were...
Authors: Janusz Pluta, Marek Sibielak
Abstract:This paper aims to present the results of the testing a single-stage electrically actuated throttle valve, in which a piezoelectric stack was...
Authors: Waldemar Rączka, Jarosław Konieczny, Marek Sibielak
Abstract:The article discusses a prototype of a Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) spring intended for controlled vibration reduction systems. The spring has...
Authors: Piotr Skubisz, Piotr Micek, Jan Sińczak, Marek Tumidajewicz
Abstract:The paper presents the methodology of determination of emissivity coefficient of steel in the direct cooling temperature range, which allow...
Authors: Ireneusz Dominik
Abstract:The rotational inverted pendulum is a structure that was primarily developed by Katsuhisa Furuta. It is widely used thorough the control...
Authors: Ireneusz Dominik
Abstract:During research on SMA wires the prototype of linear position actuator was built. The shape memory alloy (SMA) wires used in construction of...
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