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Authors: Jerzy Brzózka
Chapter 1: Control Systems
Abstract:Abstract. Linearization methods of the object: input-state and input-output linearization are used usually in a standard feedback control...
Authors: Stanisław Hożyń, Bogdan Żak
Chapter 1: Control Systems
Abstract:Paper presents the attempt to make a synthesis of a fuel cell control system using fuzzy logic. The main emphasis was placed on taking into...
Authors: Zygmunt Kitowski
Chapter 1: Control Systems
Abstract:In the paper, basic problems connected with designing optimal structure of control Unmanned Surface Vehicle USV used for a harbour protection...
Authors: Zbigniew Koruba
Chapter 1: Control Systems
Abstract:The paper presents an algorithm for controlling a searching and tracking head (STH) mounted on a mobile vehicle. A numerical analysis was...
Authors: Gabriel Kost, Andrzej Nierychlok
Chapter 1: Control Systems
Abstract:This paper presents the application of wheeled vehicle based on a hybrid propulsion system. Describes control system structure and...
Authors: Jan Kruszewski
Chapter 1: Control Systems
Abstract:The paper describes an integration of monitoring and control of three main parts of the ship propulsion plant: Main Engine – Shaft Generator...
Authors: Józef Lisowski
Chapter 1: Control Systems
Abstract:Using as an example the process of safe ship’s control, the paper presents the problem of applying a positional non cooperative game of j...
Authors: Józef Lisowski
Chapter 1: Control Systems
Abstract:The paper introduced the dynamic programming algorithm of own ship optimal and safe trajectory in situation a many of encountered objects....
Authors: Mostefa Mohamed Seghir
Chapter 1: Control Systems
Abstract:Marine accidents occurring nowadays testify to the fact that systems enhancing the level of navigational safety are indispensable. This paper...
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