Mechatronic Systems, Mechanics and Materials

Volume 180

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Andrzej Piętak, Sławomir Wierzbicki, Kamil Duda

Abstract: This paper presents a method of production and properties of ethyl esters as well as the differences between them and methyl esters. It...

Authors: Tomasz Praczyk

Abstract: Assembler Encoding is a neuro-evolutionary method in which neural networks are represented in the form of evolutionary created programs....

Authors: Paweł Rzucidło, Peter Chudy

Abstract: This work discusses the application of techniques serving the purpose of prediction and detection of unfavorable man-machine interactions....

Authors: Mirosław Siergiejczyk

Abstract: The paper discusses the key issue of decision-making support in the area of exploitation and maintenance of transport telematics equipment...

Authors: Piotr Szymak

Abstract: Multiagent systems controlling robots can have different structures, depending on a way of generating decision in these systems. Decisions...

Authors: Jerzy Garus

Abstract: This paper presents methods of power distribution in propulsion system of a small torpedo-shape underwater vehicle maneuverable in three...

Authors: Andrzej Typiak, Michał Gnatowski

Abstract: A typical unmanned and remotely operated vehicle is usually equipped with cameras which give insufficient information about the nearest...

Authors: Stanisław Krenich, Marcin Urbanczyk

Abstract: In the paper an approach to design and control of reconfigurable walking robots is presented. Based on the biological inspiration the...

Authors: Karol Listewnik

Abstract: Acoustic underwater positioning and navigation systems still evolve in a few directions. Improvements in underwater navigation sensor...

Authors: Edyta Ladyżyńska-Kozdraś

Abstract: Based on torpedoes, a universal mathematical model of a robotic underwater vehicle comprising coupling dynamics of a controlled object with...


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