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Authors: Piotr Szymak, Marcin Morawski, Marcin Malec
Chapter 2: Robotics
Abstract:Fish-like swimming has been attracting scientists and engineers attention since many years resulting in attempts of mathematical description...
Authors: Andrzej Żak
Chapter 2: Robotics
Abstract:The main aim of paper is to introduce the results of research concentrated on controlling remotely operated underwater vehicle using...
Authors: Anna Bartkowiak, Radoslaw Zimroz
Chapter 3: Diagnostics
Abstract:In recent years we face the growing interest in building automated diagnosis systems detecting ‘normal’ or ‘abnormal’ functioning of a...
Authors: Aleksy Cwalina, Marcin Zacharewicz
Chapter 3: Diagnostics
Abstract:In the article assumptions of the developed non-invasive method of evaluation technical condition of selected structural elements of the...
Authors: Zbigniew Dąbrowski, Maciej Zawisza
Chapter 3: Diagnostics
Abstract:Operations of the on board diagnostic (OBD) system, is directed to ensuring the correct engine work in respect of the exhaust gases toxicity....
Authors: Jacek Dziurdź
Chapter 3: Diagnostics
Abstract:Searching for effective diagnostic methods of basic elements of driving systems is still the actual problem. The most often the vibroacoustic...
Authors: Ernest Jamro, Maciej Wielgosz, Sławomir Bieniasz, Witold Cioch
Chapter 3: Diagnostics
Abstract:This paper presents a version 2 of hardware solution denoted as Programmable Unit for Diagnostic (PUD-2) based on Filed Programmable Gate...
Authors: Iwona Komorska
Chapter 3: Diagnostics
Abstract:The method of modelling the signal of vibrations of the internal combustion engine based on the discrete wavelet transform (DWT), is...
Authors: Mirosław Nowakowski
Chapter 3: Diagnostics
Abstract:Flight tests and measurements are usually performed for newly built or modernised aircraft utilised by the Polish Armed Forces. In the course...
Authors: Wiesław Tarczyński, Ryszard Kopka
Chapter 3: Diagnostics
Abstract:This article presents the developed system for collecting, memorising and analysing of the measurements conducted in a production plant. It...
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