Mechatronic Systems, Mechanics and Materials

Volume 180

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Leszek Ułanowicz

Abstract: The paper presents identification of destructive processes that affect hydraulic servomechanisms of the aircraft control assist system and...

Authors: Radoslaw Zimroz, Walter Bartelmus

Abstract: The paper shows application of an adaptive filter as a pre-processor for impulsive cyclic weak signal recovery from raw vibration signals...

Authors: Andrzej Ambrozik

Abstract: The paper aims to provide an analysis and accuracy assessment of the interpolation of real indicator diagrams, averaged over 50 runs,...

Authors: Zbigniew Dziopa, Zbigniew Koruba

Abstract: The paper presents a physical and mathematical model of the controlled anti-aircraft launcher based onboard the ship, whose aim is to fight...

Authors: Witold Gierusz, Anna Waszkiel

Abstract: Vessels moving on parallel courses on the border of two mediums interact together. Ship to ship interactions are caused by irregular...

Authors: Andrzej Grządziela

Abstract: Ship shock tests have been conducted for shock qualification of hull integrity and proper operation systems and subsystems. The ship shock...

Authors: Grzegorz Grzeczka

Abstract: Improper humidification of reactant gasses and operating with non optimal temperature values are main factors influencing fast degradation...

Authors: Wojciech Jurczak, Lesław Kyzioł

Abstract: The contemporary protective structures are now critical elements of the floating units, military, public and other objects. Their task is to...

Authors: Izabela Krzysztofik

Abstract: The paper analyses the dynamics of the observation and tracking head located on an off-road vehicle. The influence of kinematic forces...

Authors: Józef Małecki

Abstract: This paper describes mathematical models of propeller thrust and torque. The models are traditionally based on steady state thrust and...


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