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Authors: Wojciech Mitkowski, Anna Obrączka
Abstract: In this paper the simple identification problem for fractional differential equation of Caputo type was considered. This is the problem of estimation parameters, for which the quadratic criterion is minimized. For solving this issue, the Non Linear Programing technique, based on Marquardt algorithm, was used. At the end of article the results for numerical experiments was presented.
Authors: Bogdan Pojawa
Abstract: In the process of the routine exploitation of naval gas turbine the most important, for the exploiter, is the nature of the cooperation between the engine and its power receiver. In particular, if it is a controllable pitch propeller. Due to the fact that ship's documentation does not often contain that type of characterization, there was an attempt to its designation. Given the preliminary nature of the research, it was decided to perform them on gas turbine engine GTD-350. Appointment of a mathematical model of the above characteristics is a complex issue, requiring the application of the theory of planning experiments. The article demonstrates how to implement the preliminary tests and their results, the results of statistical analysis and substantive research results obtained and formulated on the basis of their conclusions.
Authors: Magdalena Rajewska, Maciej Walkowiak
Abstract: The aim of this work is to proposed an application of new multi-input, current-mode gates, especially new, accomplishing logical function NOR to implement T-type standard logical function, dual input gate. Current-mode gates consume almost current from the power supply and therefore are suitable for mixed mode operations. Contrary to voltage mode digital gates, presented in the paper current mode gates do not produce strong voltage and current fluctuations in the common substrate of the mechatronics system. Current-mode gates algebra differs from Boole’s one, as besides logical states “0” and “1” also state “-1” occurs. Thanks to “-1” state it is easy to implement T-type standard logical function for which for hardware implementation, new dual-input current-mode gate is suggested, which in effect reduces hardware complexity of projected CMCL (Current–Mode Current Logic) system.
Authors: Piotr Sprawka
Abstract: The paper presents issues related to the evaluation methods of mobility engineering machinery. The issue of mobility is particularly important in terms of tasks and rescue evacuation during disasters and military applications. Currently used methods in evaluation of mobility are manual and they mainly serve to determine the accessibility of terrain for standard vehicles and the usefulness of those methods to access the mobility of special army vehicles is limited. Therefore there is a need to work out own methods to access the mobility of army vehicles in the inaccessible terrain.
Authors: Ryszard Studański
Abstract: In this paper authors present a possible way to receive a narrowband digital signal that was previously registered in a wide spectrum. To begin with a scheme of receiving equipment is shown. Next, the digital signal processing leading to extraction information from narrowband OQPSK signal is described.

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