Hexabenzocoronenes Bearing Odd Carbon Alkyl Chains as Columnar Discotic Liquid Crystal


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Two HBC derivatives (HBC-C13 and HBC-C15), both containing 6 odd-carbon alkyl chains surrounding the rigid plane core, were investigated as discotic liquid crystal. The difference between their thermal behaviors has been investigated by using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). Their mesomorphic phase behavior was observed by polarizing optical microscopy (POM). A remarkable odd-even effect in the phase transition temperatures was observed for all HBC derivatives (HBC-C12, HBC-C13, HBC-C14, HBC-C15 and HBC-C16).



Solid State Phenomena (Volumes 181-182)

Edited by:

Yuan Ming Huang




X. Y. Liu et al., "Hexabenzocoronenes Bearing Odd Carbon Alkyl Chains as Columnar Discotic Liquid Crystal", Solid State Phenomena, Vols. 181-182, pp. 189-192, 2012

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November 2011




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