Near Grain Boundary Behavior of Aluminum Bicrystals Deformed in Plane Strain Conditions


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The paper describes the mechanism of deformation at 77 K of pure aluminum bicrystals of different grain orientations. The following orientations were selected: {100}/{110} (cube/Goss) and - {100}/{100} (cube/shear) to represent the unstable vs. stable and the unstable vs. unstable behaviours, respectively. The bicrystalline samples were deformed in the plane strain conditions with the use of a channel-die immersed inside a reservoir with liquid nitrogen. The low temperature deformation increases the tendency to form plain strain inhomogeneities of the deformation in the grains with an unstable orientation. In both sets of crystallite compositions, the grain boundary was situated perpendicularly to the compression plane. A particular interest was paid to the analysis of the tendencies of the crystal lattice rotations near the grain boundary and the description of the deformation behaviour of the material in the macro- scale (hardening behaviour). A detailed analysis of the crystal lattice rotations was possible with the application of the local orientation measurements by means of scanning and transmission electron microscopes, equipped with the electron backscattered diffraction and convergent beam electron diffraction facility, respectively. The experimental results of the local orientation measurements were used to evaluate the accuracy of the numerical prediction of the macro-scale behaviour of bi-crystalline samples by a single Cristal Plasticity Model. The investigation shows that the crystallites behave essentially as single crystals in the same deformation conditions. Due to the similar hardening behaviour of the investigated crystallites (similar values of the Taylor factors) the grain boundary remains unchanged. The calculated lattice rotations are similar to those observed experimentally. Key words: aluminium bi-crystals, texture, microstructure, single crystal plasticity model



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 186)

Edited by:

Danuta Stróż and Krystian Prusik




W. Wajda and H. Paul, "Near Grain Boundary Behavior of Aluminum Bicrystals Deformed in Plane Strain Conditions", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 186, pp. 108-111, 2012

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March 2012




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