Hydrogen Absorption and Magnetic Properties of HO2Fe14BHx Hydrides


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Magnetic properties of the hydrides of an intermetallic compound Ho2Fe14B are studied in the temperature range 78 700 K. The temperature dependencies of magnetization σ (Т) are obtained under continuous control of the hydrogen content in the samples investigated. The dependence of the Curie (TC) and the spin-reorientation transition (TSR) temperatures on hydrogen pressure (P) and its concentration (x) are determined. The dependence of hydrogen concentration on pressure at constant temperatures (isotherms x (P)) in the vicinity of TC and the temperature variation of hydrogen concentration at a constant pressure (isobars x (T)) are investigated.



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 190)

Edited by:

N. Perov and V. Rodionova




R. Damianova et al., "Hydrogen Absorption and Magnetic Properties of HO2Fe14BHx Hydrides", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 190, pp. 163-166, 2012

Online since:

June 2012




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