Oxo-Bridged Trinuclear Fe(III) Complexes: Structural and Magnetic Properties


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The crystal structure of (µ3-Oxo)-hexakis(µ2-cyanoacetato)-triaqua-tri-iron(III) nitrate pentahydrate shows that the trinuclear ferric complex has an equilateral molecular structure which is manifested in the 57Fe Mössbauer spectrum single doublet. The magnetic measurements reveal antiferromagnetic exchange interactions of –22.85 cm-1, between the metal centers, that compel the system to a total spin ground state of S = ½.



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 194)

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Yuriy Verbovytskyy and António Pereira Gonçalves




M. R. Silva et al., "Oxo-Bridged Trinuclear Fe(III) Complexes: Structural and Magnetic Properties", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 194, pp. 162-170, 2013

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November 2012




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