A Review on BaxSr1-xFe12O19 Hexagonal Ferrites for use in Electronic Devices


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The Ferrite term is used to refer to all magnetic oxides containing iron as major metallic component which has great to technological applications because of their ferromagnetic and insulating properties at room temperature. Among such ferrites, the hexagonal ones (hexaferrites) have long been used for permanent magnets and are of interest for microwave applications. The hexaferrite M-type has a structure built up from the S blocks interposed by the R block and are symbolically described as RSR*S*. In the last decades there has been great interest in the hexaferrites M-Type for applications as electronic components for mobile and wireless communications at microwave/GHz frequencies, electromagnetic wave absorbers for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), radar absorting material (RAM) and stealth technologies and as composite materials. This review aimed study the structure, magnetic and dielectric properties of the hexaferrite BaxSr1-xFe12O19, which is a promising material for electronic devices and for small dielectric resonator antennas (MRA).The outline of this Review Paper is as follows:



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 202)

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Rajshree B. Jotania and Hardev S. Virk




F.M.M. Pereira and A.S.B. Sombra, "A Review on BaxSr1-xFe12O19 Hexagonal Ferrites for use in Electronic Devices", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 202, pp. 1-64, 2013

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May 2013




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