Analysis of Twin Boundary in Single Crystal of Ni-Mn-Ga Martensite Using Powder Laboratory Diffractometer


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The presented paper describes X-ray diffraction study of Ni-Mn-Ga modulated martensite single crystal. A standard powder laboratory diffractometer equipped with texture cradle and monocapillary was found to be suitable and sufficient tool for this type of studies. Three different scans were performed to unambiguously identify the martensitic twin variants at selected place. From this identification and with the help of theoretical calculation full description of martensitic microstructure can be determined. In addition the effect of sample displacement on beam position on sample was derived.



Solid State Phenomena (Volumes 203-204)

Edited by:

Danuta Stróż and Grzegorz Dercz




J. Drahokoupil et al., "Analysis of Twin Boundary in Single Crystal of Ni-Mn-Ga Martensite Using Powder Laboratory Diffractometer", Solid State Phenomena, Vols. 203-204, pp. 13-16, 2013

Online since:

June 2013




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