Production and Annealing of Defects in Proton-Irradiated n-Ge


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The damaging factor of 15 MeV proton irradiation of n-Ge is investigated. The protons during irradiation went through thin samples and in this way effects of passivation are out of the scope of the report. As a result of irradiation, considerable losses of shallow donor states of group-V impurity atoms are observed. The removal rate of shallow donor states due to interactions of impurity atoms with intrinsic defects is found to be about 215 cm-1. Most of the defects produced are electrically neutral in n-type material. The role of radiation-produced acceptors is of minor importance. The main stage of isochronal annealing is occurred over a temperature interval of T=250° to 400°C. After that point the electrical parameters are completely recovered. A model of generation processes of intrinsic defects under the proton irradiation is discussed.



Solid State Phenomena (Volumes 205-206)

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J.D. Murphy




V. V. Emtsev et al., "Production and Annealing of Defects in Proton-Irradiated n-Ge", Solid State Phenomena, Vols. 205-206, pp. 422-426, 2014

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October 2013




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