Manipulation of Magnetic Properties and Domain Wall Dynamics in Amorphous Ferromagnetic Microwires by Annealing under Applied Stress


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The effect of annealing under applied stress on magnetic properties of Co-based or CoFeNi-based glass-coated microwires was studied. It was found that CoFeNi-based microwires became bistable after annealing because of changing of magnetostriction constant sign, while Co-based microwires keep S-shape of hysteresis loop. The domain wall dynamics of microwires which became bistable was also investigated and it was shown that microwires with acquired bistability are more suitable for applications.



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 215)

Edited by:

Sergey Ovchinnikov and Alexander Samardak




K. Chichay et al., "Manipulation of Magnetic Properties and Domain Wall Dynamics in Amorphous Ferromagnetic Microwires by Annealing under Applied Stress", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 215, pp. 432-436, 2014

Online since:

April 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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