Dynamic Testing of Railway Truss-Bridge


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The study results of the historic narrow-gage railway steel truss bridge built in the last century and still used are provided in this paper. Only one of the spans results is provided herein. Field tests with the original locomotive were carried out in order to develop an analytical model that will be used to evaluate the capacity of the bridge. Responses (dynamic displacements, accelerations, mode shapes, corresponding to the resonance frequencies and modal damping values) for the construction of the bridge were found. Studies have shown that the bridge meets the requirements and has enough reserve to work safely.



Solid State Phenomena (Volumes 220-221)

Edited by:

Algirdas V. Valiulis, Olegas Černašėjus and Vadim Mokšin




D. Bačinskas et al., "Dynamic Testing of Railway Truss-Bridge", Solid State Phenomena, Vols. 220-221, pp. 132-135, 2015

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January 2015




* - Corresponding Author

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