Technologies and Properties of Modern Utility Materials XXIII

Volume 246

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Katarzyna Harabas, Janusz Richter

Abstract: The mico-wear abrasion test has recently become a popular method for the measurements of wear resistance of both coated and solid...

Authors: Tomasz Małysa, Krzysztof Nowacki, Teresa Lis

Abstract: The article presents the acoustic properties of selected polyurethane materials. The study involved a porous polyurethane foam primary and...

Authors: Wojciech Szkliniarz

Abstract: In the study there was conducted characteristics of macro-and microstructure of casted Ti-47Al-2W-0.5Si alloy, based on intermetallic TiAl...

Authors: Agnieszka Szczotok

Abstract: The heat-treatment processes for the precipitation-strengthened nickel-based superalloys are extremely complicated. The solution heat...

Authors: Agnieszka Szkliniarz

Abstract: Taking into account the high requirements of new structural materials the development of high-strength and high-temperature alloys based on...

Authors: Robert Kocurek, Janusz Adamiec

Abstract: Generally, nickel superalloy Inconel 625 is good weldability. However, it should be kept in mind his tendency to hot cracking during...

Authors: Kazimierz J. Ducki, Kinga Rodak, Lilianna Wojtynek

Abstract: The influence of prolonged aging on the precipitation process of intermetallic phases, as well as carbide and boride in an Fe-Ni superalloy...

Authors: Przemysław Jamrozik, Maria Sozańska

Abstract: Heat resistance and microstructure stability at elevated temperature in HR6W alloy is the result of strong appreciation of the solution by...

Authors: Magdalena Jabłońska, Wojciech Moćko, Kinga Rodak, Rafał Michalik, Anna Śmiglewicz

Abstract: The article presents the dynamic mechanical properties of two types of high manganese austenitic steels. The investigation were carried out...


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