Physics and Technology of Nanostructured Materials IV

Volume 247

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gennady M. Poletaev, Darya V. Novoselova, Valentina M. Kaygorodova

Abstract: The formation conditions of strained (non-equilibrium) triple junctions of grain boundaries were studied by the method of molecular...

Authors: Yuri V. Luniakov

Abstract: Using density function theory (DFT), evolutionary simulations for crystal structure prediction, the most stable compositions of...

Authors: Yury M. Nikolenko, Albert M. Ziatdinov

Abstract: Nanographite film structures of different morphology have been grown on various substrates using the activated carbon fibers (ACF) as a...

Authors: Herman A. Novikov, Rustem M. Bayazitov, Rafael M. Batalov, Ildar A. Faizrakhmanov, Gennadii D. Ivlev, Stanislav L. Prokop'ev

Abstract: Ion-beam deposition of amorphous Ge layers on different substrates (silicon and quartz) has been performed. Deposited amorphous Ge layers...

Authors: Alexey Sherchenkov, Sergey Kozyukhin, Petr Lazarenko, Alexey Babich, Sergey Timoshenkov, Dmitry Gromov, Alexey Yakubov, Dmitry Terekhov

Abstract: The influence of Ti doping on the resistivity, activation energy of conductivity, energy band gap, Urbach energy, crystallization...

Authors: Aleksandr A. Kuchmizhak, Oleg B. Vitrik, Yuri N. Kulchin

Abstract: In this paper we report on the one-step fabrication of silver and gold conical microstructures using femtosecond single-pulse nanoablation....

Authors: Vladimir A. Bespalov, Nikolay A. Djuzhev, Maksim A. Makhiboroda, Gleb D. Demin

Abstract: Based on the Sommerfeld free-electron model, the specifics of field emission from metal cathode covered by nanometer oxide layer into vacuum...

Authors: Stanislav O. Gurbatov, Aleksandr A. Kuchmizhak, Yuriy N. Kulchin, Oleg B. Vitrik

Abstract: Nanosecond speckle-modulated laser pulses were applied to fabricate nanotextured metal substrates for surface enhanced fluorescence (SEF)...

Authors: Dmitry L. Goroshko, Alexander V. Shevlyagin, Evgeniy Anatolievich Chusovitin, Konstantin N. Galkin, Igor M. Chernev, Nikolay G. Galkin

Abstract: An array of GaSb nanocrystallites (NCs) was formed on Si(001) substrate by solid-phase epitaxy at 500 °C. Owing to the embedded GaSb NCs,...


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