Active Noise and Vibration Control

Volume 248

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Teresa Główka, Jarosław Figwer

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to present a method of nonparametric and parametric secondary path model identification for adaptive active noise...

Authors: Sebastian Kurczyk, Marek Pawelczyk

Abstract: An active casing made of appropriately controlled vibrating plates can be used to reduce noise propagating from the mechanism enclosed in...

Authors: Xin Yu Shu, Pablo Ballesteros, Christian Bohn

Abstract: This paper presents a method for the active noise and vibration control (ANC/AVC) of harmonically related nonstationary disturbances using...

Authors: Stanislaw Wrona, Marek Pawelczyk

Abstract: The idea of active casing is an approach to reduce device and machinery noise by controlling vibration of casing walls. The sound insulation...

Authors: Leszek Morzyński, Wiktor Marek Zawieska, Tomasz Krukowicz

Abstract: High acoustic insulation windows are common mean to decrease sound transmission to closed spaces. Hence, the improvement of sound insulation...

Authors: Andrzej Blazejewski

Abstract: The article deals with the problem of a space with vibroacoustical source generating inside specific conditions, which form a field of some...

Authors: Karol Szumski, Marek Pawelczyk

Abstract: A hybrid active-passive noise control system for a HVAC duct combines both a physicalnoise absorber and an active system. Due to the...

Authors: Krzysztof Mazur, Marek Pawelczyk

Abstract: An active noise-canceling casing is very attractive for reduction of sound generated bydevices. Such casing can provide good noise reduction...

Authors: Andrzej Jurkiewicz, Janusz Kowal, Kamil Zając

Abstract: The essence of the undertaken topic is the problem of estimation of state vector in the model of 2S1 tracked vehicle suspension system...


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