Proceedings from 22nd Czech Concrete Day 2015

Volume 249

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Vlastimil Bilek, Jan Hurta, Petra Done, Libor Zidek, Tomas Zajdlik

Abstract: Hybrid cements represent a relatively new type of binders which combine some of the advantages of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), the...

Authors: Rudolf Hela, Martin Ťažký, Václav Vachuška, Tomáš Ťažký

Abstract: Conventional high temperature fly ash has been used for manufacturing of construction materials, concrete in particular, for quite a long...

Authors: Adam Hubáček, Veronika Ondryášová

Abstract: The article is involved with study of fire resistance of concrete for tunnel linings. It summarises the problems of present knowledge of...

Authors: Adam Hubáček, Rudolf Hela

Abstract: The article deals with theme of high fly ash content concretes intended for long life constructions. Considering the still growing...

Authors: Michala Hubertova, Rudolf Hela

Abstract: The use of fibre reinforcement in normalweight concrete technology is commonly used in practice. In the area of lightweight concrete, for...

Authors: Vladimír Junek, Tomáš Micka, Jiří Kolísko, Martin Kroc, Isabela Bradáčová

Abstract: The subject of the article is to inform the experts about results of a set of fire resistance tests of light concretes designed for traffic...

Authors: Klára Křížová, Petr Novosad

Abstract: The paper presents results of mechanical and physical tests of self-compacting concrete with fibre reinforcement. Self-compacting concretes...

Authors: Peter Paulík, Igor Hudoba, Patrik Ševčík

Abstract: Gas permeability of concrete is a property, which is recognized as one of the basic indicators of its durability. Measuring of the air...

Authors: Radka Pernicova, Daniel Dobiáš, Tomáš Mandlík

Abstract: In this paper, the effect of different kind of glass fiber on hydric properties of ultra-high performance concrete and normal strength...


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