Development of Cement Based Composites with PVA Fibers


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This paper is focused on a mechanical properties of fine-grained cement based composite materials reinforced by short PVA fibers. Cementitious materials are characterized by their fragile matrix. Reinforcing by fibers (e.g. steel fibers, PVA fibers, PP fibers, glass fibers) increase the tensile strength. The behavior of the elements after developing and spreading of micro cracks under load should be described as a strain-softening, strain-hardening, etc. The multiple cracking under load is typical deformations of composite materials reinforced by short PVA fibers, that is worldwide known as a ECC.



Solid State Phenomena (Volume 249)

Edited by:

Šárka Nenadálová and Petra Johová




M. Rydval et al., "Development of Cement Based Composites with PVA Fibers", Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 249, pp. 62-66, 2016

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April 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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